Knights of Tartarus Demo

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In Knights of Tartarus, you are a human that wakes up in a magical forest filled with monsters. You remember nothing of your past but, people know you as a brave knight who doesn't fear to take on the monsters invading the kingdom. Your mission is to stop the portals from the underworld before its too late.FEATURESExplore an open world and travel into the magical monster dimension called Tartarus. You'll find many friends and not so friendly characters along the way.There are many regions each containing unique puzzles, treasures, and enemies.Fight against magic beasts to gain spells, crafting materials and gold. Each monster holds special and unique abilities which can be learned. Monsters also give you crafting materials for making equipment. Additionally, there are skill upgrades that can be gained by leveling up. These give you special perks like performing combo moves or becoming immune to paralysis, and much more.Great and varied soundtrack.Huge bosses that are difficult but fair.A cute dog.
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