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This demo has the following limitations: 2 player maximum, but you can add more AI players to see what the full 8 player experience will be like Only one playable animal, the bunny, instead of 4 playable animals including the frog, cat, and monkey 4 levels with 1 theme, instead of 18 levels with 4 themes No level editor!OverviewHopSquash! is a spiritual successor to the classic DOS game "Jump 'n Bump!" It's a simple little game for people of all ages to play together. Give a controller to a non-gamer friend and watch them get caught up in it! Just move and jump! Great for parties! And parents, you can semi-permanently enable "censored" mode, which turns the blood splatters into confetti and lollies, as this is a great game to play with the family too! Never run out of controller options - Mix and choose; keyboard adds 2 players, mouse adds 1 player, gamepads can add one player each, or can be split to add 2 players each! No settings, just grab a controller, and start pressing buttons to join in!(Permission was given by Andreas Brynervall, artist for Jump 'n Bump, to refer to HopSquash! as a spiritual successor to "Jump 'n Bump"!)Features Full gamepad support, and up to 8 players local multiplayer! Including split gamepad mode with 2 players per gamepad, so 2 gamepads means 4 players; 4 gamepads means 8 players! A built in level editor with full gamepad support! And mouse support too! - Steam Workshop integration coming soon, so you can share free levels! Selectable animal characters, and 8 colours to customise them with 4 level themes (Haunted house, Candy, etc.), and 9 levels - more to come! Multiple levels to choose from, and "rounds" - each game takes place over 5 randomly selected levels before the final results are shown Power ups! Every now and again a crate is dropped, whoever gets it first gets a random ability for 30 seconds; pogo stick, anti-gravity boots, or rocket pack!PARENTS! Enforce censored mode!If you'd like your kids to play (as has been requested several times) you can enable "Censored mode" in the menu, and this turns the blood into lollies and fireworks! But, your kids can easily change this setting back when you're not looking. So, you can enforce censoring so that it can't even be turned off in the menu! Just edit the settings.conf file in a text editor and set "kid_safe=true" - now the censored mode will stay enabled, and the option to turn censoring off will be removed from the menu! The only way to get the blood and guts back is to edit the settings file again and set "kid_safe=false" or just remove the line altogether.Arcade cabinet people - you are supported!I'm an arcade cabinet person too. And a popular solution is to use an IPAC which lets you convert button presses into keyboard key signals. By default, this game allows for 2 players on the keyboard, but by editing the settings.conf file and setting "keyboard_only=true" will add 2 extra players on the keyboard, controled by the keys YHGJ and P;L'. You can bind these keys in your IPAC settings to your joysticks and buttons, which will allow you 4 players on your home made arcade cabinets. (Not enabled by default because having 4 players on an actual keyboard is not only impractical but will hit the simultaneous key press limit on standard keyboards.)NOTE TO MAC USERS:Level editing (specifically, saving your edited level) is currently not working in the Mac version, because Apple loves to lock everything down, and who can blame them, it makes their system more stable. Drop me a message on the Steam forum or the contact page on my website to let me know how much you would like this so I can prioritise it.Why HopSquash! What about Jump 'n Bump?I love Jump 'n Bump, and I have recently thought that it's a shame it's locked away in its DOS form and is limited to only using 1 gamepad. And as good as that original level is, wouldn't it be cool if there were more levels? And more players possible? And a built in level editor so that pretty much anyone can get in and start making levels without having to learn Photoshop etc? So I set out to make an expanded version, going full time into game development.This was to be called "Super Jump 'n Bump". I got in touch with one of the original creators, Andreas Brynervall (artist) and his only requirement for me to sell this commercially is to not use the original name or assets, and I can refer to the new game as a "spiritual successor". So now we have HopSquash!
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