Thy Sword Soundtrack

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This is the official soundtrack for the game. Apart from the intro song and main theme, all songs are made on the Commodore 64 and uses the wonderful SID chip.Track list01 Intro (0:48)02 Thy Sword (0:58)03 Lands of Nhaastans (1:26)04 Forest Theme (1:56)05 Nighttime (1:52)06 Cave Theme (1:31)07 Spider Queen (1:59)08 The Story Unfolds (0:35)09 Fiery Mountain (2:15)10 Dragon Lord (1:43)11 Borg (1:15)12 Lurking Horror (2:01)13 The Village (0:46)14 Gamblers (0:28)15 21 Horsemen (0:24)16 Thorn (2:24)17 Sorcerer of Thorn (1:52)18 Ancient Ruins (1:40)19 Lich King and Queen (1:13)20 Mountain Theme (1:48)21 The Dark Tower (1:57)22 The Dark Overlord (2:11)23 The End (0:47)The music files are MP3s @ 320kbs and will be downloaded to the "Soundtrack" sub-folder of the game installation folder.
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