Puzzle Pelago - A Drag & Drop Economy

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Join our Discord!About the GameDo you like puzzles? Do you like base building games? Look no further!The islands of the Puzzle Pelago have been devastated by a storm, and now the islanders cannot figure out how everything was laid out! Space is tight on the tiny islands, and roads may not cross - lest the stubborn haulers run into each other!The core mechanic of Puzzle Pelago is simple - create new workshops by dragging from existing workshops or resources. From a forest, you can drag a lumber jack that produces logs. From a lumber jack, you can drag a saw mill that produces planks. You can even combine two goods to produce a more advanced one: combine ore and coal to produce iron, or tools and planks to produce furniture!But even though the task starts simple, each island you visit will become more challenging than the previous one! Can you help rebuild them all??? Clean, colorful graphics with juicy and responsive animations 100+ Puzzles Easy to learn, hard to master 13 Different goods
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