Krakout challenge

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Welcome to the ultimate Challenge! Brick breaker games never were so exciting, fun and challenging. The game where you can improve your reaction and creativity. "Krakout challenge" is not a simple game where you do not need to think and must wait for random bonuses. Every level covers self bonuses, a self tactic to go through. During the first time, it can be a little bit challenging, but I hope you like challenges and complete all 300 levels and we will see your records on the top of the leaderboard.   The game has an integrated level editor. So you do not need to play just in-game levels. You can use your creativity, make level-sets and share them with friends and compete: who beats you level-set faster or collect more points.This game is multiplatform and can be played on many platforms such as PC , Mac, Linux or mobile devices. You can create a level set and share with friends no matter on which platform your friend play this game.Key FeaturesArcade Cabinet Style and Pixel Art Graphic;arcade mode with 3 level sets ( 300 levels) up to 7 hours of gameplay (if you are lucky or very skilled).integrated level editor;levels can be exchanged with Steam friends or via a local network. And no matter on which platform play your friend;many types of blocks (simple, unbreakable, multi-hittable, cloneable, movable, time …);many types of aliens and helpers (include ball eater :) );supports global Steam achievements and leader board;stop and continue to play any time you want.So, if you like brick breaker type games, you will do not miss this game. If you have never tried brick breaker type games, you will try and I think you do not disappoint.
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