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Chalkship is a relaxing yet captivating game, taking place on a huge blackboard.The unique style of the game gracefully mixes 2D and 3D elements, in a colorful and joyful hand-drawn chalk art style.Explore the vastness of the blackboard. Skillfully maneuver your craft through the beautiful but unfriendly environments, in a graceful and majestic dance of space acrobatics.Your mission is to reach the end of each level without dying. This means learning to maneuver you ship in difficult situation, avoiding the traps, solving the puzzles and destroying the obstacles that are blocking your path.As an extra challenge you can find and rescue the imprisoned teddy bears, each of which will unlock an achievement!Key FeaturesA unique mix of 2D and 3D elements working togetherA variety of enemy types, hazards and puzzlesHand-drawn environments in a unique chalk art-style.20+ Steam Achievements.Keyboard support and highly refined controller support.Robust collision and timing to ensure reliable speed runs.Find and rescue cute teddy bears as a bonus challenge (and achievement)Using Phoesion Game Engine
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