Space Tower

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Space Tower is a strategy-based roguelike game. Based on the randomness of the character's growth and the randomness of the level, making the right choice is the core content of the game.Players need to find the entrance to the next level in each level. The presence of the monster will block the block near it. Only by defeating the monster can the block be unlocked and the entrance to the next level.Different weapons, features, and relics are acquired during the exploration process or during battles with monsters. Weapons are constantly being consumed in combat until they are completely destroyed. Different weapons can also have an effect difference when attacking different monsters; features can enhance certain attributes of the player's character; and relics can give the player character some special abilities. Or change existing rules. Properly matching weapons, traits and relics is the key to victory.As the number of layers grows, the monster's strength will be higher, and the monster's weapon and characteristics will be more reasonable. At the same time, there will be elite monsters and leader monsters with special weapons, which require players to deal with different ways.Regardless of whether it is a victory or not, it will gain experience based on the number of layers reached, the defeated monsters, unlock more available relics, and enrich the battle process.In the course of repeated challenges, sufficient content provides sufficient randomness and diversity: A variety of different weapon types, a variety of different weapon effects; a variety of different feature types, better with different weapons dozens of different relics, making the challenge process full of variables and reflections dozens of different monsters, a variety of different environmental enhancement effects, so that each challenge is a different journey
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