Night of the Shrub Part 3

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Night of the Shrub Part 3 is a short, visual novel, with a single story line rife with odd happenings – It's the beginning of the end. And then it's the end. But before that, an evolved Robert must get to a world full of vampires to find Lord Stephen and bring him back to take over our world. An evolved Shrub and Rolf must get back to our world, with a strange lady in tow, to resolve the standoff between The Daphne and the ghost aliens. And what secret are Doctor Ow and the Margrave hiding? We've evolved beyond elevators here; it's all portals, portals, portals in this thrilling conclusion to the Night of the Shrub Trilogy. No pesky choices to make. Endearing characters click after click. Fantastic sound track. Fun for the whole family.
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