Thinnest Judgment

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SpecimenLittle paper people, or Specimen, are sentient beings made from a mixture of paper and the souls of millions. These little guys will be your only source of company. Nobody seems to care about you. Nobody ever visits or sends you nice letters, but Specimen always seem to be by your side. Maybe one will write you a heartfelt letter from their paper-skin.Each Specimen has its own personality which will influence their actions. These actions play a monumental role in the Habitat. There are 8 attributes: strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, charisma, sanity, perception, and luck. Each of these attributes affects whether an action is successful or not, and what the consequences might be. A Specimen can also have up to 4 traits, selected from a large trait pool, they have modifiers on attributes, and may also assist in specific events. Some attributes might also become negative with negative traits.HabitatAn island that exists to immortalize the Specimen that enters, or at least until they die. New Specimen are dropped into the center, and they begin their lives by migrating outward. Specimen will attempt to form or join groups, and then they will begin working together. As their technology advances, so will their infrastructure. You can boost their progress by sending them some resources, but inevitably it will be cooperation and time that pushes them forward. Reach one step closer to utopia by carefully selecting each citizen, or go the other way and incite chaos with as many psychopaths that you can find, or make.The Sorting StationA conveyor belt encircles the room. Items from all over the Facility are fed into this station. The goal is to move items into their proper receptacles. Some items have multiple correct destinations. There are 4 outgoing destinations: recycling, the Habitat, reporting, and R&D.ResourcesCollect resources by recycling items, fulfilling requests, or advancing the Habitat. Resources are responsible for developing skills, fueling automation, advancing the Habitat, and fulling some requests. They're easily obtainable with the endless supply of materials atop the active conveyor belt.RequestsReceive requests from R&D to send them specific items with specific attributes. Get rewarded with rare resources.AutomationUnlocked using skills, automation buildings allow for advanced configurations to be utilized during sorting. When an item passes through a detector, if it passes the user's filters, it can send signals to other buildings to target the item. Automation can be useful for disarming traps, scanning Specimen, sending unwanted items past you via teleportation, and dispensing into receptacles.Defusing of SpecimenSome Specimen have a tendency to meltdown. Especially on the conveyor belt, where the motion seems to trigger passive instabilities within Specimen. When one is showing symptoms, you can begin to defuse them. The process varies for each Specimen, but the procedure is always the same: locate the instability within the Specimen, remove it, and isolate it. The instability within Specimen typically stems from an unbalanced amount of souls packed into a single area that would cause an explosion, but it's also possible that the paper contains a substance that induces a volatile reaction with the souls that causes them to rapidly expand and explode. As long as the instability is removed, it can safely explode in isolation.ItemsA cluster of items plagues the Facility, all for your taking. Just make sure you aren't holding onto contraband, as the list is ever changing. Being caught with illegal items will result in your reeducation.FoodEverybody needs to eat, but it's not as if you're going to die from a couple of weeks of fasting. Nevertheless, make sure to eat and avoid the strange side-effects of slowly becoming a corpse. If you're having trouble finding food to quench your hunger, try a vending machine!Avoid eating spoiled food and leaving it out for too long. The spoil will spread, not just to other food, but to the air as well. Take a gasp of the fetid air and regret your breath as it's your last.TrapsTrying to pick up traps will hurt, but you can acquire skills or use automation which allows you to pick them up. Being hurt by an active trap will cause your vision to temporarily distort, but even the distortion can be reduced with skills.MedicationJust because they're on the contraband list of illegal items doesn't mean they aren't medically approved for usage. Need something to ease the pain, or to slow down the world around you? Perhaps you want temporary superpowers? Consult your local doctor, Dirty Conveyor-belt, and get prescribed today!DecorationsFind some cute decorations to liven up your stations.NotesResidents of the Facility have written down their thoughts and you're free to ponder them.TapesIt appears some residents have gotten a hold of a tape recorder, have a listen to what they have to say.SkillsUse the skill-tree to unlock new abilities, passive and active, to optimize your operations of the stations. Skills require resources to unlock. More advanced skills require more and rarer resources.CraftingUse raw elements to product compound elements which are used to craft items. Most items appear on the conveyor belt, but some might be incredibly rare and it might be easier to craft them instead of waiting for them.Twitch IntegrationYour Twitch chat can enter the world as their very own Specimen or influence events through voting. No authentication is required - an anonymous bot will connect to chat purely to read it, so you would only need to enter your channel's name.NamingWhen a user types "!join" in chat, the next Specimen that enters the world will have a special skin with the name of the user. If that user is banned, any reference to them will be expunged. Timed out users are not treated this way - they are left alone.VotingEvents that are randomly triggered normally can be forced to cause some chaos by users that type "!vote" followed by the number on the screen.Development NoteMore information will be added as the development progresses. Current information may also change. I apologize for current categories that do not contain much information. Some features need to be planned out more thoroughly, and when the concepts have been properly structured, they'll make there way into the description!
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