Fluid Lander - フリュードランダー

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Fluid Lander is a 2D action game inspired by classics like Lunar Lander. You'll pilot your spacecraft and aim at the goal. It is a new sense game that also involves the concept of physics-based air (fluid).It may be difficult to get used to tank controls operations at first. Overview One Day Earth Was In Danger Of A Meteor Conflict.Although supercomputers all over the world tried to calculate the trajectory of meteorites, it could not be accurate because of the lack of GPU.So, in search of the rare earth that is the raw material of GPU, Ms. Kei went to the moon with a spacecraft.A storm called "Aetherstorm" attacks the spacecraft while collecting rare earth on the moon.Operate well and aim for the goal point!2019-10-24 ver 1.504 : Improved English translation.2019-5-20 ver 1.503 : Fixed the failure loading parameters in some languages.2019-5-18 ver 1.502 : Fixed the gamepad bugs.2019-5-12 ver 1.501 : Fixed the failure loading parameters in some languages.Fixed the text position.2019-5-10 ver 1.5 : Release
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