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Mayday Mayday Mayday! This is Waltynn Steav, I am going down! In Space! Play as Waltynn, a waffle from the planet Hekta who lost control of his spaceship and crashed on the planet Lylo. Help him survive and escape the planet. As you explore the planet, you realize that you've landed right in the middle of a Apocalypse.How did this happen, who caused this, was it an accident or deliberate. find possible answers while you explore Lylo while helping out a resistance movement against the threats surrounding the attack.BreakFest Offers a mix of genre which include: Story, Adventure, Survival, Puzzles and actions. Your goal as the player is to help Waltynn get back home and to figure out what happened during the apocalypse. Remember to pay attention to the environment, dialogue and story for clues.Follow us (StormeGame) On Twitter For More Updates & Future Games!
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