The Islander: Town Architect

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Escape your stressful and mundane everyday routine and head to exotic Polynesia to become a grand-master town architect. Turn this sandy wilderness into a beautiful paradise settlement. The news of your arrival has already spread far and wide, so inhabitants of the nearby lands are already lining up for a chance to rent an apartment in your future town.FEATURESDesign house exterior - choose the building type, elect the wanted roof and walls design, make sure windows and doors fits the overall look of the house, or go wild and create craziest designs.Don't limit yourself to house designing only, landscape your town, after all you are TOWN ARCHITECT. Build pathways and fences, plant trees and shrubs, erect statues and fountains. Expand and urbanize your island by building stores, agricultural and public buildings, like - libraries, tower bells and observatories.Sizable catalog of items and decorations ranging from flowers and bushes to lighthouses and pyramids.Relaxing atmosphere to ease your stressed-out mind.NOTEThe Islander: Town Architect delivers a calm and relaxing experience that embraces your creative side, it's not a game for someone looking for hard as nails challenge.
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