Room of Pandora

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This is my first indie game on Steam. I played a lot of puzzle games before and found the puzzles in these games are limited to the game itself. I want to bring a different game experience to players, so I designed some puzzles which need players to find the answer out of the game itself. It makes our real world part of the game, but is our world real? The game has seven endings, corresponding to seven achievements. Complete all levels to unlock the first achievement, and for other endings, it requires players to find out the secluded room to unlock.Finding hidden secluded rooms in the game is also a great pleasure and achievement of the game.I want to use this game to expose the relationship between human and the God, where the future of mankind is, the relationship between human and nature, the final end of mankind and the way home. Everyone is the performer of their own destiny, life, old, sick, dead, love, hate, parting, and so on.My other games:
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