GENSOU Skydrift

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A Touhou Project racing game is here!In the mystical land of Gensokyo somewhere in Japan,humans and yokai live together in strange harmony.One day, some girls notice that their spirit energy is weak.Yokai specialist Reimu Hakurei and her friend Marisa Kirisamespot someone running off on a racetrack...Characters20 challengers from the Touhou Project!One girl acts as a board and one acts as a rider.Swap between characters!Use spell cards for interference, acceleration, and defense,or use devastating Last Words!Courses16 courses set across Gensokyo, including the Human Village,a flying ship, the spooky Scarlet Devil Manor, and the cherryblossom-lined Hakugyokuro!Race on walls, ceilings, cliffs, the air—The sky's the limit!SystemFeatures online multiplayer VS mode. Race against anyone,anywhere, anytime! Also features a campaign mode wherethe game's story plays out—And a post-game secret episode.Fun for Touhou veterans and newcomers alike!
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