Tusker's Number Adventure [Malware Detected]

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Tusker's Number Adventure is a unique adventure/puzzle experience, featuring simulated software glitches, malware alerts and unauthorised file transfers!Tusker's Number Adventure would appear to be a cutesy educational game for young children - but as you play it becomes apparent all is not as it seems.Starting out with a series of simple tasks things quickly take a sinister turn with your personal data soon put at risk!Who is behind the tasks, and what do they really want?Features: Unique storyline reaching beyond the game world itself! Varied gameplay including: top-down RPG exploration, retro point and click adventuring & interactive Operating Systems. Integrated mini-games puzzles. Simulated software glitches, malware alerts and unauthorised file transfers! A meta game that smashes a hole straight through the 4th wall!Length:Tusker's Number Adventure takes about 1 hour to complete on initial playthrough.However, additional playthroughs will reveal an evolving storyline with a few new surprises and alternative endings!Controls:Keyboard (WASD) and Mouse.The game auto-saves as you play.
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