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LoreThe rite was performed in the ancient times in the kingdom of Gulkishar that in the sealand. The planet Lunital (Moon) that affects the members of the royal family dies and at a certain point goes out. As a result the royal house lost their divine essence and power.This power let to glimpse at the Aspects (Spirits) world, obtaining the energy to affect the real world through the magic. The part of the royal subjects decided to go to extremes, establishing the “Devoted to the Power”. The cult members performed an abominable rite to resurrect the planet, sacrificing the royal family. The planet has resurrected but simultaneously the dead crown prince was born. He marked the beginning of a “Dead Moon” era, affecting all residents of the kingdom with the curse. The effect of the undead moon opened slightly the world of Aspects for all people. Earlier the real world formed the fulfillment of the aspect world (parts of the memories or deep emotions nourished the aspect world, creating the space (memories) and demons (deep emotions). After the rite the aspect world started to affect the real world and people.The PurposeThe main purpose of the “Sigil” is to tell a dark story about the search for the goal for which the protagonist is ready (a player must be ready) to make evil deeds, inexpressibly wicked and sometimes loathsome things. The entire plot is the transition from one world picture to the other in order to see later that the same actions have different tints depending on the decisions of a player.The main character is a lost heir-undead wandering at the sealand in the search of breaches to the world of Aspects. He tries to contact with the aspects (spirits) and get the forbidden knowledge, bringing it together to break a curse.Game featuresTactical RPGDeep story of the in-game world[*Branched dialogue systemInteractive environmentCharacter leveling systemCharacter's appearence depends on his choicesIntensive turn-based combatOpen worldDeep and emotional soundtrack
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