Ritual: Sorcerer Angel

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DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!Equip your sorcerer with powerful combinations of Spells and Skills and blaze through hordes of monsters in a unique spell-casting action RPG.You are a Sorcerer Angel. They tried to sacrifice you and failed.Hunt them down, kill their foul God and purge the world!★ Discover hundreds of magic Skills and Spells★ Slay thousands of Monsters, Shadows, Demons and Cultists★ New Game Plus, repeatable levels and trillions of possible buildsWielding dagger and magic of immense power, you cut down anyone who stands in your way. Monsters, cultists, demons or mad gods - all will burn in the holy fires of retribution!SorceryExpand and upgrade your collection of magic Skills and Spells and combine them in potent synergies. With trillions of possible character builds, every playthrough will be unique.New Game +After you've finished the story, you can start over with your character fully equipped. World map with repeatable levels, emergent gameplay and diverse character builds guarantee endless replayability.
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