Prototype 2 RADNET Access Pack

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RADNET is an awesome collection of over 55 in-game pieces of content - including Events, Friend vs. Friend competitive score Challenges and weekly themed Rewards that compliment and expand the game experience. Included in those ‘Rewards’ are exclusive items such as Behind-the-Scenes videos from the development team and bonus Mutations for Sgt. James Heller in the game’s main campaign.RADNET Features:Over 55 unique pieces of digital content accessible at launch at no extra charge.20 Events Death-defying chopper races, intense combat scenarios plus more!20 Challenges Compete with and beat your friends’ best scores!5 Exclusive ‘Behind The Scenes’ Videos5 Exclusive Sgt James Heller Mutation Abilities5 Bonus Unlock Abilities for Sgt James HellerAlex Mercer Skin unlock – the ultimate fan reward
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