Escape until Friday

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You are kidnapped by a maniac who keeps you locked up in his basement. You have to get out of the kidnapper's house at any cost until Friday. How to act - you decide, you can just run away or collect the story in pieces and find out the motives of your kidnapper. To achieve your goal, you will search for various items, manage your time, solve puzzles, and chat with your kidnapper using a phone he left you.Every mistake you make will have a consequenceIn this game, everything is interconnected. If you commit a misdemeanor, you will be punished (for example, you may not get food). If you forget to lock the safe and the kidnapper finds it, the code will be changed and so on.You may die before FridayIt is necessary to monitor your health, hunger, and energy, otherwise, you risk falling asleep or die before Friday.Time passes quicklyYou have only five days to escape! You decide how to use your time. You can stock up on energy drinks and stay awake for several days, but you must remember that the kidnapper does not want to pay for electricity and therefore, you will need to find a flashlight before nightfall.Game features: Big variety of ways to escape from kidnapper's home; You can communicate with your kidnapper using a phone he left you; Time passes you have only five days; Every mistake you make will have a consequence;With the beginning of the new game, all keys, codes, dates are generated randomly, and also with the new day, different items appear in different places.
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