Alien Zombie Megadeath

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Alien Zombie Megadeath is a gloriously intense platform shoot-em-up! You are the lone Spaceman, doing boring space work on a random space platform in deep space when suddenly a huge, relentless, alien force attacks! However these are not your normal everyday aliens...these are alien ZOMBIES! Even through his protective helmet, Spaceman is sickend by their smelliness. For the sake of humanity... and Spacemans nostrils... you must take control of the ill-fated Spaceman and fend off the alien zombie hoards. Alien Zombie Megadeath is an oldschool 2D platform shoot-em-up with enemies coming at you from all sides, in all shapes and sizes. You MUST blast them all to smithereens! Key features: Intense arcade action! 80 levels, each with their own high score table. Lots of game types, including: Survival, Adventure, Baby Rescue, Bomb Disposal, Jet Pack and Decoy pods Local Multiplayer 280 challenge medals to earn Space suit unlockables Steam Achievements joypad support
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