Avast Ye

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Update NotesUpdate 1.1 Thanks for your feedback and bug reports. This is a student project and most of us students have graduated. It will take a bit of time to get bugs fixed. Please let us know of any more bugs you may come across and we will try and address them as quickly as possible. This update fixes the following. - Fixed Menu UI bugs. Menus now have full mouse control - Added Back Button. You can now press back buttons to exit menus. - Fixed Tutorial. Tutorial is now fully playable. Fixed bug that caused the player to be stuck.About the GameIn order to find lost treasure, a pirate ant and her small crew must use each other strengths to overcome the dangerous environment and defeat hostile enemies in a swashbuckling adventure with surprises at every turn. Avast Ye is the BYU Animation Student Game for 2019. We have been working on this game for the past year and are excited to present it. In Avast Ye, you control Captain Kate, the former ant queen turned pirate, and her crew on a quest to find the treasure of legend, chocolate gold doubloons. This action adventure game challenges the player to combine their abilities with their crewmates to overpower rival pirates and find the lost treasure.
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