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How would you command your forces if you stood outside of time? Send your units forward and backward through time to the very moment when they're needed most? Double your forces by sending them back to fight side by side with their past selves? Would you execute a feint by executing an attack on their resources, and then change your original orders to target their production facilities? Or would you go deeper... Achron is the world's first meta-time strategy game, allowing you to dynamically alter your past and future actions, send your units back and forth through time, even engineer temporal paradoxes that work to your advantage. Play through four single player campaigns, or then go online to face off against your friends in a fully dynamic temporal environment! Key features: The first game to ever feature competitive multiplayer time travel Time travel strategy allows for creative and subversive tactics which can be chained together to protect, undermine, escape, and set traps in nearly infinite combinations Move freely around the timeline to preempt your opponent's strategies, gather intelligence from different time frames, and undo tactical mistakes Send your forces forward and backward through time Up to 15 simultaneous players in a single game Order heirarchies allow for easy management of large groups of units across multiple time frames Unique RTS gameplay mechanics balanced by state-of-the-art mathematical game theory techniques Compelling and thought-provoking story 30+ hour single player experience of four single player campaigns, spanning 35 unique and engaging levels Includes level editor and SDK that allows players to easily create their own maps and game mods Achron's engine tackles classic time travel scenarios, including paradoxes, allowing players to effectively create their own fully fledged time travel stories in battle
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