Phucker in the Gulag

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It's a nice sunny day at Syringe Beach and roided up beefster Ryukaze and his wise old friend Orcmaster Jones are soaking up the rays and oogling at the babes. Their life of luxury is soon interrupted however when an old acquaintance bursts into their lives with an offer they simply can not refuse. But if something sounds too good to be true... it rarely is. The group soon find themselves hopelessly lost in the clutches of a vast conspiracy that could threaten all mankind. Only one question remains...Who is the Phucker in the Gulag?GENREBromantic Comedy Visual Novel Lords-LikeGAME INFOUse the mouse to navigate, make important choices and self-investigate. Be enthralled by the gripping story line with a twist ending that will have you reeling for days.PROS  Babes aplenty  Lots of beefy shirtless hunks  Three totally unique endings (Wow!)CONS  Is in good taste.  Has as many save slots as Ren'Py games (100+)  H-patch
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