ProtoDungeon DX

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You are... somewhere. You fell here. And you remember hearing voices talking about the "anchor" and the "chapel" as you fell, but you don't see anyone in the strange, ruinous castle before you. Nor in the graveyard that follows. None of the inhabitants seem to know where you--or they--are. But in each new world, there seem to be elements tying it all together: owls... the moon... and the world itself growing in its awareness of you. Can you escape the nightmare? ProtoDungeon DX combines all seven episodes of ProtoDungeon into one and ties it all together.Explore the mysterious prequel to The Waking Cloak!Play through the complete, 7-episode ProtoDungeon series in one game! Solve puzzles with the strange items you find throughout your journey to escape from your nightmarish prison!Navigate through an all-new overworld using the items from each dungeon!
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