Fantasy Grounds - Saints & Heroes, Volume 13 (Token Pack)

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Fantasy Grounds
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Saints & Heroes, Volume 13Time to save the day! If you need to add some do-gooders to your game, then look no further! Monster Grin's 110 new, unique Saints & Heroes tokens are composed of good-guys, heroes, heroines, and champions from every genre, time, or setting. These full color, B&W, greyscale, portrait style tokens, all of which are usable as PCs, NPCs, mooks, monsters, or bosses are a quintet of powerful Anglo-Saxon warriors ready to raid or defend as needed in your game!Utilize Monster Grin's Token Halo System to create different types of teams (red, gold, green, silver or blue), or even different levels of the same kind of creature (i.e. boss, high, medium, or low level) to help keep track of what's what and who's who and with Monster Grin's new Altered States tokens, you can get maximum value from each and every token in this pack!This token pack includes (ringed in black, blue, gold, green, greyscale, and silver, as well as ethereal, invisible, stone-skinned, sand-skinned, and altered state versions):Male Sword-wielding Anglo-Saxon Warrior in BlueMale Shield-wielding Anglo-Saxon WarriorMale Spear-wielding Anglo-Saxon WarriorMale Axe-wielding Anglo-Saxon WarriorMale Sword-wielding Anglo-Saxon Warrior in RedConverted by: James HollowayReleased on April 05, 2019. Designed for Fantasy Grounds version and higher.Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and any ruleset.
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