Hell Hole

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Hell Hole is a challenging 2D fast action casual game with the aim to make it to the bottom of various holes while avoiding the many creatures that lurk there. As the player, you are simply falling down the hole continuously, you can stop by landing on platforms and shoot your way through others that block your path. In order to get to the bottom of each hole you will need all your very best reflexes and a keen eye.Features in early access and full release:FULLY PROCEDURAL GENERATED LEVELSNo game is the same making this a never ending playable gameDIFFERENT WEAPONSTo make it to the bottom, you need to choose the right weaponsDEATH TRAPSMany death traps exist, try to avoid them!LARGE LEVELSThe uniqueness of the procedural hole design allows for very large holes which means more play time!SIMPLE CONTROLSLeft / Right, Fire or Jump - Simple three key process!A WHOLE HOST OF CREATURESEncounter many different types of creature, each with its own ability on your journey downBOSSESGetting to the bottom of the hole is a great achievement, but in order to get to the next one, well, you need to get past the various bosses!Features in FULL RELEASE ONLY:HOLE CUSTOMISATIONChange the size and style of the 'holes' and what lurks in thereTROLLSTrolls can be added to each hole, their aim is to get to the bottom of the hole before you do, its a troll race!
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