Captain Starshot

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Salute Captain, We are pleased to see you reporting for duty. Now, let us explain to you what you can expect on this mission;As Captain Starshot, you and your space crew are tasked with the mission to explore the galaxy in search of villainous aliens and to defeat their leader. Fly off with your spaceship and face off against the hordes of enemies you will encounter on your mission. Operate with the help of your crew members, who hold various abilities that allow you to overcome any challenge within the mysterious enemy ships.Transition smoothly from the open space environment to on-foot alien ships.Experience a unique and interesting pulp science fiction theme that transports you back to the 50's.Enjoy a different experience every run because of our procedural generated levels.Create countless weapon/ability combinations that will make your experience unique.Upgrade and progress your squad to the most powerful humans in the universe!Good luck on your mission Captain,Headquarters signing offDouble Door Games is a student team composed of 23 motivated students, following the International Game Architecture & Design Programme at the Breda University Of Applied Sciences. We have been working on this game for almost a year now and we would love to share it with you!As a team we are truly passionate about making games! Our goal is to deliver a good experience and we would like to do this together with you, our players.
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