Cradle of Sins VR

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JOIN OUR COMMUNITY ON DISCORDVirtual reality island of sinsIt’s 3 vs. 3! Assemble a trio of players to take on the enemy and overcome their defences. Each of the two teams has a magical Altar to protect: when the Altar is destroyed, it’s game over.About the gameThe game is played in matches between two teams of three players with each team defending their own separate Altar on the map. A team wins by being the first to destroy a large structure located in the opposing team's base. Each of the players independently control a powerful character. The game features 10 unique characters at release, each of which has their own unique weapons, abilities and upgrades. Different weapons ranging from swords, crossbows, shields, staffs and powerful crystals. Players have a passive income of gold and get rewards for killing enemies across the map. This gold can be used to buy weapons and upgrades to successfully battle the opposing team's character in player versus player combat.VR gameplay-Joystick/Trackpad movement-Natural locomotion-Highly-interactable world -Physics driven weapons and combat system
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