Mercyful Flames

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Join our community!MEDIEVAL CASTLE - BUILD, DESIGN, REPAIR, CLEAN from Asmodev Universum:Follow & Add to Wishlist and don't miss a release! the GameWelcome to the murky times you’ll get the chance to become an occultist that due to a quirk of malignant fate becomes an inquisitor. A very wrong person in a very responsible position. Join the ranks of a bloodthirsty church and see how far are you ready to go to save your beloved one.Mercyful Flames is a detective adventure RPG inspired by horror board games. A slow-paced, yet thrilling study of human meanness. Complete several dozen missions, each set in different but equally horrifying scenery. Investigate, bribe, fight, or even torture. Do whatever it takes, to achieve your goal, and remember that you’ll be doing it all in the name of love. Or at least keep telling yourself that to remain sane.Some of the inquisitor's powers:Ultimate interrogation. Break your enemies' will, force them to reveal darkest secrets.Roaming the Dark Ages world.​ Explore the wild and deserted nooks of the kingdom.Creativity.​ Develop terrifying torture machinesGod’s Grace.​ Develop your skills through the power from the above. Detective's mind. Solve problems using the power of intelligence, fear, persuasiveness, or torturesDark ages. Poverty and misery are everywhere. Hunger and injustice raise anger in simple men. Keep it in mind - you are in the middle of it.Make good use of the heavenly support. Ask the Lord to send favors, and help you in your investigation. Hunt down the devil inside the innocent souls, but remember that even the purest soul of loved once can be sometimes tempted but him. Decide how far can you go.You are the inquisitor. Not the most loved occupation here. Be careful who you trust. There is always a mask, it's important to know is it behind the faceor on it.Have mercy on poor peoples' souls. Expand and maintain the authority of the church through the power of flames. Achieve your goal at all costs. Accuse the villagers of witchcraft, and pacts with the devil if necessary.Earn the grace of the king and the pope. Do what inquisitors do.​ Burn the enemies of the church or just Burn EVERYTHING to the ground andbecome a Grand Witch Hunter.
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