Looking for Heals

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Relive the glory days of being the all-important, underrated healerUnlock a variety of healing spells and try any combination your heart desires. A heal-over-time build? Just shield spells? Healing grenades and shotguns? The choice is yours.Hire your dream raiding party and forge the perfect runEach fighter class has their own special ability. Warriors can taunt enemies, rogues can stun and cause bleed damage. Experiment with different team formations to discover what works best for your healing style.Put your skills to the test and keep your party from an early grave Intense, real-time action bringing a fresh take on the healer class. Unlock a variety of healer spells and classes for maximum replay-ability. Hire Warriors, Rogues, Mages and 6 other class types as you explore procedural dungeons. Upgrade your fighters with powerful items and experiment with new combinations. Tackle elaborate boss fights inspired by MMO raids.
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