Lord Democrat Strikes Out!

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Faced with rejection from the oldest baseball team in Sea Paddle, the Ne'er Winners, a donkey politician from Assachusetts named Lord Democrat plots to have them disqualified from the Sea Paddle Baseball League! Our hero, Jeff Bout, also performs poorly in the tryouts. But through practice, Jeff eventually succeeds in joining the Ne'er Winners and finds himself tasked with foiling Lord Democrat's plan! Shortly after beginning his journey, however, Jeff finds his coach has been left mysteriously unconscious and is joined by two friends who agree to carry him to safety!Key Features: Most battles occur in swap-out RPG format! Explore the world in a pixelated, platforming adventure! Utilize baseball equipment in and out of battle! Play through multiple game genres, and as different characters!- When swapped in, Teddy can retrieve standard baseballs pitched last turn!- Laura is immune to persuasion and recovers HP by defeating enemies! Unlock a second game mode with a code found in the story!
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