Eternal Elements

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In this challenging strategic tower defense game: towers are elements and enemies are materials. The elements interact with each other and enemies in unique ways (erode stone, freeze water, melt sand, shatter glass, corrode iron, etc.). Learn the best elemental combinations to defeat the materials in each wave. Challenge yourself even further with unlockable difficulty modifiers. Constantly gain power to take on even more difficult challenges.Key features:50+ challenging and fun maps9 elemental towers to master14 unique enemies to counterHours of handcrafted challenging campaign gameplayInfinite replayability with customizable settings and challenge modifiersConstant power gain through unlockable and upgradable passive skillsDiscover new strategies to beat seemingly impossible challengesUnlockable maps, modes, and gameplay optionsSurvive as long as you can in endless modeChange the gamespeed to play at your own paceBuild and manage towers while pausedWin or lose you always get experience pointsReduce the base game difficulty with accessibility optionsThis game has 3 core concepts that influence every aspect of the game.Challenge: Each tower has strengths and weaknesses, so do the enemies. It will take cunning strategy to figure out the best way to beat each map. The game offers multiple difficulty modifiers and custom challenges so you can challenge yourself as you see fit. The greater the challenge the better the reward.Discovery: Think about new strategies, discover new ways to play, and be surprised by what you unlock. With over 100 unlockables, multiple tower/enemy interactions, and a plethora of customizable gameplay options, there is no shortage of new things to try and strategies to discover. Let your imagination run wild thinking about unique challenges you could face and fun ways to beat them.Progression: The game works by a simple formula, time spent = progress made. You can increase the speed at which you gain progress through the strategies you employ. But every enemy you defeat grants experience points regardless of if you win or lose. You will constantly gain more power to eventually beat every challenge you face.
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