Boom! Boom!

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Ladies and gentlemen,I’m proud and happy to present you Boom! Boom!, my third project as an indie dev.GameplayFor this game, you’ll have to click on bombs. Based on your timing, the better you click, the more points you win.You will also make combos.This will increase your score faster with super bonus.On top of that, you will fill your “Boom! Boom!” power gauge.Once it's done, it’s “PARTY TIME!!!”Push the button and all bombs will explode in an avalanche of colors, points and joy!The crowd will communicate his joy based on your result and will grow bit by bit.However, beware of optimizing your explosions on pain of not going to the next level!FeaturesMultiple types of rockets.Automated geysers.15 environments.Earn ribbons to unlock new levels.Achievements.Earn points and become the #1 of the leaderboard. About meI’m a passionate video game developer. I’ve worked two years for Ubisoft as game designer ;two other years for a university as producer.Now, I’m making games on my own because it’s awesome.
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