Author Clicker

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Select images and text from randomly provided content to create your own story! Roleplay as an author writing a story or visual novel. No typing! Let your creativity flow. On each page, select an image and story text from randomly provided content. Earn points as you play to unlock additional story text options! NEW in Version 1.5: Save your current story at exit and option to load next session. Add your own custom words and names for use in sentence construction! (See the full instructions in the Author Clicker Discussion Forum.) Version 1.1: Make your own story text captions from a selection of random words! From the story text caption selection screen, click on the button in the upper left corner. Select words and end your sentence by clicking the next button on the lower right corner. If you don't like the words available, click on the button in the upper left corner to refresh the words available! How to play: 1. Let your creative imagination run wild! There is no right or wrong approach to creating your own story. 2. On each page, the player will be limited to selecting one image from eight random images from the larger collection of provided images. 3. Then the player chooses one story text caption from eight random captions from the larger collection of provided story text captions. 4. On the finalization page, the player may move the story text caption by clicking on the screen. 5. The player can go back to earlier pages in the same game session to look at the progress of the current story. Previous captions can be moved. 6. The player can visit the unlock screen (button in lower left corner) to see how many points have been earned from playing so far. 7. Points can be spent on unlocking additional story text categories which immediately expand the story text captions available. There are seven unlockable categories!
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