Realm of Virtuals

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Realm of Virtuals is an adventure story-driven game with slasher elements in a low-poly graphics style. The main character is artificial intelligence, which travels around the virtual world and tries to find the reason for its slow collapse. In the game you will find: - The main character is AI. This allows him to interact with the cyberworld, changing the properties of the levels. For example, you can limit part of the level to an impassable wall in order to lock up enemies there or turn on floor traps that will make it more difficult for enemies to move. - Cyberworld: each type of level is controlled by one of four Megaprograms. The levels of each Megaprogram differ in their structure and rules of the game. - 10 abilities, each of which opens a new style of play. - Different types of enemies, as well as boss fights!
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