Meta Revelations - Ring Spirits

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The book of Meta Revelations tells of stories from the world of Eden - a world created by two sovereign and governed by fourteen Daeva.Riley Wrean is disrupted from his normal course of life on the mountains when a girl falls from the sky. This girl, Tay Karas, sends him on a discovery of the world below. Along the way, he will meet with friends and foe alike, while the beat of an ominous power looms over him.Features- Optional, partial voice acting from many talented actors, such as Lane. H Rush, Kyle Fraser, Deamonarcher and more.- A heavy focus on cut-scenes and storytelling to push the narrative.- Inspired by the likes of Legend of Dragoon and Breath of Fire both gameplay and narratively, you can summon two half-daevic beasts to dispatch your foes. Plus one more...- Nearly every NPC has a name and every bookshelf can be read.- Side quests with fulfilling story lore besides the usual rewards for completion.- A whole wreath of quality custom creature art and story panelsVoice Actors - A numbered of featured talent who have given me permission to list their appearance on this page.Lane H. Rush (LofiSaiyan)Luke HallRhys Lewis (Bananaberry)VizorFoxJohn S. (Juntarhenogu)DaemonArcherLuke Hall (KnightOfZero)C.M.W. Hawkins (Hawkzombie)Madison DabbsElmer P. (NessVA)Hand AvatarLex Van-NugentLee Richardson (Korkahl)Dale Brown jr (Raging Cop)Stuart AndersonJenny ElaineDevontleaver
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