Four Seals

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Have you ever felt that you're missing alchemy and demons in your life? Well, we sure did.The summoning ritual failed - you couldn't contain the demon. Your friend died. Was devoured. You want out, but the door is sealed with alchemic sigils. All you have are the remains of your friend's notebook and a derelict haunted house full of magical ingredients. The demon is still collecting it's powers, but don't feel too safe...Four Seals is a short escape-room experience, loosely based on the old arts of alchemy and demon myths. You'll need to make good use of all your brain cells.The average first play-through time is about one hour and you can replay the game with different sigils to break.What you get:Overall 11 seals you can breakIn each game session 4 are chosen at randomCompare sigils in your notebook to find ways to destroy them and break outFind or craft over 50 itemsUse tools and interact with objects to find the right ingredients for the sealsEvade the demonic presence and stay sharp at all times!100% Controller (X-Input) and K&M SupportTwitch Integration - Make your viewers become writings on the walls!
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