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Build the miniature golf course of your dreams in MiniGolf MakerCREATECreate your course using the Course Creator, one of the most ambitious level editors to ever be created for a miniature golf game.Full control of the shape and size of each piece your greens. No more being bound by a limited number of pre-made pieces!8 Environments: Desert, Halloween, Medieval, Winter, Pirate, Dreamscape, Polyworld, and Arcade.Behaviors and Events system for creating dynamic courses.Detailed control of the style of your course.Modding SupportUse the MiniGolf Maker Mod Tools to create your own custom objects, music, and styles! Check out the Official Modding Guide to learn more: locally or online with up to 8-player multiplayer.Use power-ups to give yourself an edge or get in the way of your friends:Fire – Leaves behind a trail of fire, launching any ball that touches it into the air. Ice – Leaves behind a trail of ice that causes any ball that rolls over it to slip and slide uncontrollably. Bomb– Explodes after a short delay, flinging away any nearby objects. Weight – Makes your ball super heavy, making it immune to fire, ice, and blast effects. Jump – Catapults your ball into the air when used. Brake – Slows your ball down very quickly when used.Rocket – Propels your ball forward for a short time.Black Hole– Sucks in nearby golf balls to their doom.Punch– Punch away balls that get too close.Ghost– Pass through other balls, makes you invulnerable to the affects of power ups, slightly lowers gravity for your ball and makes it roll farther.Free Stroke– Subtracts 1 stroke form your score on your next turn.Random – Can give you any of the above Power-UpsSHAREUpload your course to the Steam Workshop and explore courses from other creators!
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