Levers & Buttons

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DisclaimerThis game was made by 4 students. It probably has less bugs then most AAA games, but be warned that it may not run smoothly with every hardware. That being said we tested the game with over 100 players over the course of it's development and if there are any problems we will fix them. This is our first game on Steam.StoryYou are one of a kind. At least, that is what they tell you - in actuality you are a clone of a certain alien race, which is particularly good at cleaning. That is your destiny. Cleaning the spaceship, you are assigned to, with the help of your partner who is sitting in a control room, pulling levers and pressing buttons... But this time it's different! The ship has caught fire, which must be extinguished immediately to save the passengers! That shouldn't be a problem for such a rehearsed team as you, right? Use your cooperative skills to become heroes among the other clones!GameplayLevers and Buttons is a two player - asymmetrical cooperation puzzle - videogame. One of the players controls a character in two-dimensional space, while the other one is operating in virtual reality. Both are stationed on a spaceship which has caught fire, they must keep it from burning down. The player who is acting in virtual reality, has to solve puzzles with the help of his partner to extinguish the fire. The focus of the game is the communication between the players, because they can only see very little of the other one's perspective. Therefore, they must talk to each other to convey information. Levers and Buttons is a game suited for all unexperienced and experienced VR users.
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