Auf Abwegen

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//////////////////MANKIND INC.(CC) DIGITAL_TELEGRAM//////////////////Gegi, I dug a bit in the old web archives again and found something you might enjoy.You're always complaining about your boredom on the night shifts in your little cell on the solar panel deck... The software I found could give you an interesting perspective on how life must have been down there back then - just give it a try.If you have any difficulties, just call me!Oh, and it will definitely be difficult, so please don't be frustrated ;)love, KiaP.S.: I also found a description of an ancient digital shop page - I'll attach it if you really want to spoil the surprise ;-)//////////////////MANKIND INC.(CC) DIGITAL_TELEGRAM//////////////////Attachment:“Auf Abwegen“Explore the beauty and dangers of nature in this narrative mini-puzzle-platformer - a one-man project from Kindman.Slip into the role of a red fox in its natural habitat - feed your family and survive the threats of the forest - and humans too! find the right hunting tactics to capture food for your family explore 2 beautiful hand-painted scenarios listen to the sounds of nature - and the melody of a dynamic piano soundtrack master 3 levels in this short but extremely challenging gaming experience win 10 - partly mysterious - Steam Achievements compete with other players in Challenge ModeBecome part of the InSayn Community!Steam Group: InsaynGamesTwitter: InsaynGames
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