Seven Bullets Zombie Apocalypse

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Searching for a cure for cancer, scientists suddenly invented a virus that they hope will help to rid the world of this terrible disease. But the virus suddenly began to resurrect the dead and turn people into zombies.Now the world is overwhelmed by a zombie epidemic. All inhabitants of the Earth have become the aggressive dead cannibals. You are left all alone but you have your trusty rifle and a clip with several bullets. Try to survive in the ruins of civilization, infested with the zombies. Run as far as possible, kill enemies along the way, collect coins to expand the clip to seven rounds and customize your hero. And try to survive as long as possible.Features:* Postapocalyptic setting.* Oldschool graphics.* Simple control.* Endless dynamic gameplay.* Hero customization.* Upgrade the clip to seven rounds.* There are no words in the game, only action.* Achievements.
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