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Churchgoers is a stylized turn-based RPG where it's never your turn! Interact with lots of characters to learn about them and the land that surrounds you. Gain different types of powers in the form of prayers that helps you withstand the challenges along your journey.Resist the overwhelming power of the spiritual by dodging multiple of incoming attacks for a period of time.Complete challenges and puzzles that are blocking your path along your way.Travel through three different environments; a meadow, a school and a church to eventually reach and confront the Priest of Ash, ruin his control over the realm and avenge your sister!FeaturesResist against the power of the spiritual by moving a token on a grid, dodging incoming attacks.Use powers called prayers in the overworld to solve puzzles.Immerse yourself in the world through the characters, music and environment.*Note to individuals with colour blindness:This game supports colour blind modes, which can be accessed from the main menu.
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