Mysteries of the Undead

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A famous scientist virologist is the protagonist. She is invited to take part in an expedition to the island, where many years ago the outbreak of an unknown virus disease wiped out its population. A tribe used to live in the island, they believed in existence of an evil spirit turning people into bloodthirsty zombies. The spirit had been confined into a totem which was hidden in a secret temple to keep it under control and never let free. And so it was for many centuries until the island became a resort. Once, a tourist lost his way in the forbidden lands and came across a road to the temple. He found the totem and casually broke it. The spirit was released and the deadly virus spread all over the island. But even being broken the totem possesses power to constrain the virus spreading outside the island. The totem's parts were hidden by tribal successors, and being found these parts could get survivors saved and zombies exterminated. The expedition arrived to the destination point on "Perseus" - a huge floating platform. The team has to save the island and prevent the virus from further spreading. 15 HOG scenes 13 mini games 40 unique game locations Unique setting of zombie-island Thrilling plot and action story Exciting atmosphere of a dangerous adventure
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