∀kashicbox Vol.2

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∀kashicbox Vol.2 is fan disc collection of "∀kashicforce - Inudation of Brigades", a game created by combining genres of fighting, action, shooting, and rhythm games.This collection puts together 4 discs of sound tracks, arranged tracks, and a "Sound Matrix" mini game where you can play the Eliminator rhythm game for the music tracks! Contains 30 music tracks in total in .wav format.Disc 101: Shapeless Flower / Katachi no nai Hana (On Vocal)02: Toesynzer03: Fulerify04: SLX05: Ectic Arvedriver06: Ectic Rhasacled07: Ectic Mancelflo08: Ectic Camfousel09: Ectic LeneDisc 201: Chyavern02: Platenocrypt -world Enchant Remix-03: Alcmetric(false)04: Alcmetric(true)05: Painsainer06: Schearburn07: Ectic Flowest08: Diena Nertics09: Yustreage10: Vexoluxly (ex-machina Cut)11: Stuldropped (ex-machina Cut)12: Inconxlenble (ex-machina Cut)13: Jewos Intani (ex-machina Cut)14: Blitziline (ex-machina Cut)15: Alcmetric (ex-machina Cut)Disc 301: Inexistable Flower02: Alcmetric (remix)03: Vexoluxly04: Jewos Intani05: Blitziline06: Alcmetric
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