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SAND CASTLES is a Kingdom and Castle Building Real-Time Strategy / 4X game with a full 3D Graphics Engine. The game supports up to 6-players (human player or computer Artificial Intelligence). The game features true fog of war within the 3D game world. Your available resources are Gold, Sand, Lumber, and Food.Command armies by grouping together companies. Each company has a Commander with a Rank up to a 4-star General. Commander Abilities affect company combat with Morale / Health / Strength levels. Company commanders earn points during combat and will be promoted by Rank. Use the Level-Up dialog for Core commanders to spend points on abilities.Skillfully use army Formations during melee combat.Capture enemy kingdoms by waging Siege Warfare.Form Alliances with other kingdoms using the Diplomacy dialog.Share troops and resources with Allies.The Alpha Release Version features:First 7 scenarios of the Human Campaign (you versus the Computer AI)Multi-Player Maps to play on the Steam Network2 Races - Human and BarbarianPeasantsSpiesLight InfantryArchersCatapultsSappersBoiling OilTar TrapsSpike TrapsMoatsKeepWallGateSquare TowerBuild and Save Castle LayoutsThe Full Human Campaign is tentatively scheduled for release Q4 2021 and will feature:14 ScenariosMany more Multi-Player Maps1 additional Race (to be announced)Heavy InfantryLight CavalryHeavy CavalryCrossbowsBallistaBattering RamsSiege TowersKingQueenRoyal GuardWater TransportsAir ReconnaissanceRound TowerCastle Building Upgrades
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