Daka Dara

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Out-position your friends in this two player strategy board game.GameplayDaka Dara is a two player strategy board game of *pure skill played on a 5x6 grid. The goal is to remove all of your friend's pieces. The game unfolds in two phases, the Drop Phase and the Move Phase. In the drop phase you and your friend take turns placing your 12 pieces onto the board. Then in the move phase, you take turns moving your pieces to try and form three-in-a-row, which allows you to remove one of your friend's pieces.Like chess, it's a game of complete information and *pure skill. If you're not that into defeating an opponent through superior strategy, then this game is not for you. But if you love strategy board games like Chess, Checkers, Nine Men's Morris, or Go, then you're going to love Daka Dara.* Advanced Mode does include a small amount of randomness. For a pure skill challenge, play Classic Mode instead.FeaturesInteractive Tutorial: Play through an interactive tutorial to quickly learn how to play - if you can't remember, play through the tutorial anytime to refresh your memory (or just refer to the in-game text rules).Multiplayer: Play against your friends in local hot-seat multiplayerComputer AI Opponent: Hone your strategy against a computer AI opponent. So you can even play by yourself!Classic Mode: The normal game of Dara where you and your friend start with 12 pieces. Pure skill.Advanced Mode: An optional mode. It offers a fresh take on the game, exclusive to Daka Dara, that adds a little randomness. You and your friend start with 10 pieces but there are two neutral pieces that move around the board randomly. Can you overcome the luck and still out-position them?No Draws: Because of how the rules work, the game cannot end in a draw. Someone will always win!Now you can enjoy a piece of board game history from West Africa that many people don't know about.
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