Rumble Arena

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🔴 Note: this game is heavily in development. We regular update the game for a better experience and gameplay.Fall down seven times, stand up eight.This is Rumble Arena; A free crossover brawling game featuring legends and gods from all over the galaxy. Join the epic battle between legends and gods, master your favourite hero and be the last one standing! Play real-time online or offline battles. Duke it out in the arena with up to 4 players at the same time! Each hero has their own unique move-set and attacks, giving them all a different fighting style, find the legend or god that fits your combat skills the most and become victorious.What the game contains: Real-time online matches Ranked & Friendly mode Team battles Unique heroes with each their own fighting style Epic arenas with different layout Spectator mode; up to 16 spectators Training mode vs AIOur vision on "free to play"Rumble Arena will always be a free-to-play game where in-app-purchases will only result in cosmetic changes in the game.We, a team of 4, started creating this game as a hobby a few hours a week back in 2014, our dream: "Create a free and fun fast paced brawling game. We've been a big fan of the brawling genre and it's games that we still play today. Our plan for the game Ongoing; new characters, arenas and items! Hitbox improvements Clans and clan battles A console version of the gameWe love feedbackWe're creating this game as said for fun, and how to make the game more fun, by listening to what you'll have to say. For this reason, get in touch with us on discord!
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