Kim Shooter

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KIM SHOOTER is a single player shooting game from above. You are Kim, your goal is to exterminate the bandits, is to help the hostages. Browse the various missions to finish with these wired. Skills [/ b]:Several skills will be at your disposal. You'll unlock them with each new level of Kim.They are essential to gain some levels. Mechanisms [/ b]:Mechanisms will be activated or resolved on the map to achieve the objectives of the mission. Open a door to free the hostages, or even hack the code to disable the turret. Missions [/ b]You have several missions, released the hostages, kill all the traffickers, recovered the drugs. Save the hostages from the hold-ups without killing them. Developer's note [/ b]:This game is my first one that I develop. The indulgent way is to make me go away bugs are improvements.
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