The Color of the Roses

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Dmitriy – successive and ambitious young man who works as a real estate agent. His seemingly quiet and regular life is dramatically changing after one unfortunate nightcall.His chief gives him a new errand. The errand, which won’t wait. The errand, which will return Dmitriy eleven years back. The errand, which will make Dmitriy get through a mysterious story in summer camp «Albatross» again. Would this job be a simple journey to childhood full of warm and beautiful memories, or it would be a serious test for Dmitriy? Whether it nice and clearly as it seems? Another routine or is there something bigger behind it? And the main question – what is the color of your roses?Features:A unique story-driven experience in the style of the best games of this genre.Unique atmosphere of an Eastern Europe summer camp.Partially non-linearity with several endings.The original soundtrack which helps immerse the player in the story.Memorable characters and unexpected plot twists.Unusual quests and puzzlesHardcore 90th gameplay styleUp to five hours of gameplay.In-game achievements.
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