Welcome To... Chichester 3 : Plenty Of Time To Live

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Trap welcome to Breil
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About This GameWTC 3 is the concluding chapter of the Welcome To... Chichester series.The StoryThe protagonist's final day of his/her holiday has finally arrived. Despite being abducted by Grendel, it has been - after the initial shock - fun.However, dark clouds are on the horizon, as Grendel reveals her final plan whilst two of the protagonist's enemies also make their moves.Meanwhile, at The Phoenix Custodian's base, Lorinda believes the protagonist is about to betray her organisation.Your final day has arrived.Features Funny and dramatic conclusion to the seriesCharactersMisericordiaPart of The Screaming Vocalists, and is looking for revengeHebkyaMisericordia's partner in The Screaming Vocalists. Despite not agreeing with Misericordia's actions, she still stays with her.GrendelThe strain of keeping so many secrets plus various other events starts taking it's toll on herCindiLoves giving tours of Chichester
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